Saturday, December 18, 2010

weirdo.. eh! am i?

hai there! haa!! finally got time to feed this hungry blog. i've been very busy lately. plus have to look after my mom. she suffered from stroke two weeks ago. T_T

hey! this is weird~ why am i writing in english? my english is bad and rusty and and broken and and and~ hohoho actually there is one kakak wrote a blog post tell all the blogger out there to write in english, so that she can read and correct the errors. her name is SUE ANNA JOE hah! read this> CLICK CLICK   

i cant remember when was the last time i wrote in english. uh, final semester exam maybe... and that was 3 years ago? ah! no wonder my english soooooo bad, demme!

how to master english? ya, speaking and writing and watching and listening.. i understand english when  watching CSI and listening to Fly FM.. dont have to read subtitle... but when i have to speak and write... nah.. fail... i know practice makes perfect, but all the people around me speak in malay. so how?

so, i pick up a new hobby. reading. a'ah, reading... CLICK HERE

   so i think i've improve my english.. a bit.. well still struggling when it comes to speaking hoho.. no worries, still got 7 books waiting on the shelf!! and more to come!

i dont want to be a 'banana'  eh, kalau malay speaking english berabuk we dont call them banana kot? oh, whatever.....   

[a very short update on my mission....... : i lost 3 kg! hahaha! and next year i will be taking swimming classes (really hope that i can float  -_-'   ) so once i know how to swim i can go participate the next Amazing Race Asia! hope that i dont have to do bunjee jumping lol, who want to be my partner?]


  1. writing in english can improve the language.. haha.. :)

  2. ya.. agree.. will write in english again, if i got time la hahaha thanks ken ah.. :D

  3. nak join. eh, wanna join for Amazing Race! but i can't swim nor have a driving license. definitely, i'd be ditched on the first qualification round. hihihi.

  4. Amazing Race here we come! eh later la.. just realise that i have to go for The Biggest Loser audition 1st! hahaha