Sunday, December 18, 2011


Hi there. It has been a long time since my last update. (beria cakap omputih apsal?) <eh! suka hati i la~> Okay, i think im going to write in english this time. <please dont laugh at my perfectly horrible english.. duh~> Last Saturday i went to Alamanda with my youngest brother, Alan. The main reason is to settle my late mother's phone bill at Maxis. Well, we actually went to Maxis twice that day, because the first time we were told that we didnt bring the correct document.. duh~ And after i show them the document they asked before, they dont even care to look at it! argghhhhh... and then happen the part when i went... ahh never mind! skip! skip! skip!

So! After all the drama that occurred before, we went bowling. Ahh.. It was a great game. Even Alan had improved and i can see that he was proud with himself. Good ah?

Then, i planned to take him to watch Puss in Boot. Omg! The queue was too long and i cant make phone's reservation because the line was busy. So i queued anyway...... We got the front seat.. oh, the VERY front seat. Thanks to public holiday + school holiday! The cinema was packed with little tots! The movie start at 9 pm. 

Ah before that, we went to games arcade! Spent almost 20 ringgit~ hahaha la la la.. After car racing, monster shooting, basket balling, another car racing <Got defeated by Alan urgghh! Im the legal driver there! How come he drove better!> and other games we dont even know what they're called because their names were written in chinese! or korean kot~ ah nevermind.. we are ready for Puss in Boots!! The movie is okay la.. Nice for children... and... me.. lol. Puss is sooooo cute! If only i can take him home, but im afraid that he will clean our food in the fridge haha!

oh, referring to the title of my post 'CERITA BODOH 18++', sebenarnya masa tengah beratur nak tengok wayang ada seorang perempuan kat belakang kami cakap macam ni "haha cerita bodoh macam ni pun nak 18 tahun ke atas ke? Entah apa-apa entah haha!" Dia sebenarnya rujuk kepada iklan cerita Songlap, dan berborak dengan boyfriend dia. Then apa lagi, aku pun kata "Cerita ni rated as 18++ bukan sebab ni cerita bodoh, tapi sebab ada unsur-unsur yang tak sesuai untuk budak bawah 18 tahun! Sekarang siapa yang bodoh?" Aku cakap kat dia... dalam hati.... LOL 

Okay, ni sebenarnya adalah ujian grammar kepada budak sekolah menengah.. ARAHAN: Sila betulkan ayat-ayat di atas. hahaha cover baik punya..

Lupa, dapat tengok ni masa kat Alamanda.. Sempena krismas la kot~ haha bye

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